Published Year
August 10, 2019
Logo Design & Branding
Type of Business
Shoe brand logo

About Project

Professional. Stylish. Quality.

Dr. Shoe is dedicated to providing footwear that combines craftsmanship and fashion. With a focus on professionalism and style, they offer high-quality shoes that elevate your look and comfort. Discover the perfect blend of fashion and function with Dr. Shoe.

01. The Challenge & Solution

Challenge: Creating a distinctive and trustworthy logo for a shoe brand.

Solution: Thorough research led to a visually captivating logo that represents professionalism and style.

02. Working Process

Collaborative approach, understanding the brand’s vision, concept development, digital rendering, and refining based on feedback.

03. Perfect Result

A memorable logo that showcases Dr. Shoe’s commitment to quality footwear.

Key Achievements: Distinctive design, professionalism, style representation, visual harmony, and client satisfaction.